Flight Support Services

Flight Planning and Flight Support

  • Charter negotiation and acceptance for flight mission
  • Obtaining civil overflight and landing permits
  • Diplomatic and military overflight and landing permissions
  • Negotiating for fuel best price and availability at the landing airports
  • Confirm airport charges and handling fees as may be necessary
  • Immigration and Customs requirements

Pre – flight coordination

  • Contacts with the hotel before check out to ensure that all services are covered, ensure that crew transportation is ready
  • Update the CFS Logistics supervisor to meet the crews, escort them through customs and Immigration procedures
  • Crews transportation to the aircraft
  • Coordinate with the fuel suppliers, catering and cleaners for on time service delivery.
  • Confirm airport charges and handling fees as may be necessary
  • Comprehensive Weather and NOTAM briefings
  • Ensure that the passengers are received by the on ground supervisors and taken to meet receiving party at VIP lounge, escorted through customs and immigration

En – route Flight following

  • On time movement message for Off – Chocks, Airborne, ETA (Estimated Time of arrival) and AA (actual arrival) Touchdown and on – blocks.
  • Monitoring the flight progress through contact with the crews via HF, En-route ATC towers and Flight Information Services stations.
  • Ensure the destinations station has the most accurate ETA for the flight to ensure all services are ready for the receipt of the aircraft i.e. Passenger or cargo & Crew transportation, Customs and Immigration pre-clearance, VIP Lounge and crew lounge arrangements.

Post Flight Coordination

  • Arranging of aircraft security
  • Aircraft cleaning and other ancillary services as requested by Captain on board
  • Updating on status of the crews at the hotel
  • Reporting to the operator where the aircraft is parked.

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