Aircraft Charter

We have enhanced service to support fractional ownership of aircraft over a period of time space allotted to our valued net worth client. Basically we can arrange to charter the aircraft on either wet lease (ACMI) or dry lease (spot charter) to move either VIP or group passengers on specialized mission or project cargo to meet up with special events or locked project deadlines. Our network of charter brokers around the world gives us vast fleet of aircraft to choose from and from also different continents to give you best charter rates and avoid unnecessary backtracking time.

As an aircraft fractional ownership client you will enjoy the following:

  • Executive attention during your flight
  • No waste of time at transit airports
  • Arrival and departure times in your control with the captain on board
  • Ability to have your business meetings while on board 30,000 feet and above as you cruise
  • VIP meet, greet and assist treatments at airports on arrival or departure
  • Cargoes arrive on schedule avoiding costly transits

We can facilitate on your entire charter requirement from sourcing of aircraft, payments of charter rates and implementation of the flight movement. Our fleet of aircraft includes:

  • Helicopters, Piston Propeller and turboprop aircrafts (2 to 45 passengers)
  • Light , mid size and heavy jets (from 2 to 18 passengers)
  • Jumbo jets (70 to 500 passengers)
  • Cargo aircrafts (2.1 tonnes to 250 tonnes)

Activation of the charter process is just a call to our 24 hours always on phone number +234 803 307 9397

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